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Owning a home with a home warranty could mean a bit more protection for you. However, it can become confusing trying to figure out when you should file a home insurance claim or a warranty claim. In all situations, you can ask your insurance agent when to file a claim. Here’s some insight into the differences. READ MORE >>

The basketball hoop on your home does not seem to be anything that could cause damage. Yet, there are instances in which it can fall, and that could lead to home insurance claims. If you have one, be sure it is secure. Check on it every few months to maintain this secure, tight fit. READ MORE >>

Texans know that significant chances of high winds or freezing precipitation beckon during winter. If this weather occurs, it often increases the risk of falling debris, trees and branches. We all like the foliage around our homes. However, despite its shade and beauty, it does create property damage risks. READ MORE >>

Your investment in home insurance provides you with security. In many situations, filing a claim is an opportunity to reclaim some of the money you lost in some type of incident. Yet, knowing when to file a claim can be difficult. More specifically, knowing when not to file a claim can be a bit tricky. READ MORE >>

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