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Home insurance companies will determine your rates based on a wide range of factors. Generally, these factors are kept as trade secrets. Nobody really knows exactly how they evaluate your risk and calculate your premiums. But you will notice that urban, suburban and rural homes tend to vary dramatically when it comes to the premiums paid by the owners of each. READ MORE >>

An auto insurance provider will determine your rates based on the extent to which your policy is considered a risk. Someone with a lot of moving violations will wind up paying a higher rate than someone with a clean driving record. Some factors that help insurers to determine these rates may be obvious, while others might be considered surprising. READ MORE >>

It can be difficult to pinpoint how much general liability insurance a new company needs. You may not have any experience with claims previously. It may not seem like there is much risk involved in running your company either. Yet, having the proper amount of business insurance is essential. READ MORE >>

Owning a home with a home warranty could mean a bit more protection for you. However, it can become confusing trying to figure out when you should file a home insurance claim or a warranty claim. In all situations, you can ask your insurance agent when to file a claim. Here’s some insight into the differences. READ MORE >>

Buying an SUV can be an outstanding opportunity. You may get more interior space. There’s more space in the back, too. Many vehicles have outstanding features. However, SUVs are larger, more valuable vehicles than traditional passenger sedans. That means your auto insurance needs to match that value. READ MORE >>

The toppling of a box from a high shelf is one of the more common types of workers’ compensation insurance claims. It is your goal, as a business owner, to be proactive. Finding these risks and looking for ways to minimize those risks is very important. It can help to keep your insurance costs low. READ MORE >>

The basketball hoop on your home does not seem to be anything that could cause damage. Yet, there are instances in which it can fall, and that could lead to home insurance claims. If you have one, be sure it is secure. Check on it every few months to maintain this secure, tight fit. READ MORE >>

Getting a quote for auto insurance is an easy process. There are no risks to doing so. Yet, it is an opportunity for you to save money on your car insurance. The process can take a few minutes, but there are some reasons why you should aim to get a quote for coverage about one time every year or so. READ MORE >>

If you have to get a surety bond, you are the bond’s principal. By providing the bond, you’ll be able to guarantee clients that you can meet their contractual obligations. Still, just getting a bond isn’t enough. You have to complete a few requirements and stipulations to keep the bond in good standing. READ MORE >>

Most motorcycle insurance policies won’t pay 100 percent of your damage costs. Instead, you will pay a deductible for damage yourself. Then, your policy will step in. However, deductibles are fluid items, and they vary from policy to policy. So, when getting coverage, you should know how to choose deductible limits that suit you and your bike. READ MORE >>

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